Stories from Here and Elsewhere

Ongoing video project, 2020

Based on a community that is characterized by immigration, with Fisksätra’s inhabitants coming from almost 125 nations, the museum considers local heritage as a mosaic of people’s life stories, global experiences and memories carried in their bodies, which are collected in the form of interviews exhibited in the museum. The life-stories archive is a tool for empowerment: ‘to narrate yourself into the world’. In that sense, the collection of interviews - with narration as a method - is used to counter feelings and experiences of injustice, exclusion, and ‘not being listened to’.

While gathering stories and conducting interviews with residents of Fisksätra, we have been employing a chain-reaction approach, whereby each participant recommends another, who, like us, may or may not be based in Fisksätra. In response to these interviews, we created a series of collective video works, playing with auto-fictions and ways of storytelling, with one person’s story taken as a starting point for the next. Multiple languages are used in a play of listening and reading, engaging the semi-fictions which occur in translation not as a negation of but as a tool for empathy.